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Laser Dental Treatment


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    Laser Dental Treatment

    Dental laser treatment has added a new dimension to the familiar dentistry treatments. Laser procedures performed in medicine for a period almost 60 years are also successfully used in dentistry. Dental laser treatment involves dental implant treatments, dental filling, root canal treatments, cleaning of caries, elimination of inflammation on the root apex, shaping the gums, and performing all kinds of surgical procedures on the gums and jawbone. Besides all these, teeth whitening, elimination of tooth sensitivity, canker sore (aphtous ulcer) treatment and herpes treatment are also performed through dental laser treatment. Dental laser treatment is also commonly preferred in cases where the patient suffers from certain problems such as pain and ache, and where he/she is afraid of the instrument used in the procedure. This condition called dental phobia can be eliminated thanks to dental laser treatment because is this treatment involves no contact with the tooth surface. Dental laser treatment is also performed in jawbone operations and bone removal procedures required for the extraction of the third molar (wisdom tooth). After surgical intervention, the patient can comfortably continue his/her daily life. Dental laser treatment is a procedure that can be easily performed on pregnant women.

    Laser Dental Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

    Dental laser treatment can be performed on all kinds of soft tissue lesions that occur in the mouth, with no need to use local anesthesia. It is also preferred after orthodontic treatment, with intent to provide aesthetically beautiful gums (gingivae). This treatment, also applied to ensure aesthetically beautiful gums in the use of dentures, is used in patient with excessively apparent gums, as well. Dental laser treatment involves an in-depth gum cleaning process. Thanks to laser treatment, gum pockets recover much faster than normal. This treatment involves many different treatments such as the elimination of gingival sensitivity, gum stains, teeth whitening, cleaning of caries, dental filling, and root canal treatment.

    Surgical interventions in dental laser treatment can be performed without hemorrhage. A treatment performed in this way provides the advantage of recovery in a shorter time. In dental laser treatment saves time both during the operation and in the recovery period.

    Dental laser treatment causes no vibration and disturbing noise. Its most obvious differences include the facts that it does not involve injection because it often does not require anesthesia; it does not cause hemorrhage in gingival operations; it causes the formation of a sterilized zone through the radiation given to the application site; and it causes no postoperative pain or sensitivity. In addition, the use of laser is highly useful for people who are afraid of dentists and injections, as well as for pregnant women, children and people with heart diseases, for whom the use of anesthesia would be harmful.

    It would be very important to enable children to feel no pain, ache and fear during their first experience in dental treatment. The facts that dental laser treatment does not involve anesthesia, noise and vibration, and causes no pain and ache, will prevent children from being afraid of dentists and dental treatment. For this reason, the best option for children would be dental laser treatment.

    Dental laser treatment is used for gum reshaping, bio-stimulation, gum pocket treatment, root canal sterilization, fibroma surgery, treatment of hyperplasia that occurs during an orthodontic procedure, treatment of tissue thickening caused by dentures, treatment of soft tissue incisions, frenectomia, and canker sore (aphtous ulcer), cleaning of caries, teeth whitening, and elimination of tooth sensitivity.