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    Smile Design

    Smile design is a procedure that allows for providing a smile specific to the face, by a combined practice of dentistry and art. Firstly, a healthy smile is planned based on your personal demands and the recommendations of your physician. Smile design is planned depending on your age, gender, facial shape, occupation and character. The most important point of smile design is that it restructures your smile while protecting your health and naturalness. When starting smile design, first the geometric shape suitable for your facial contours is identified. This is because the features of a person give the passwords of the required form of the teeth. Man and woman anatomies are completely different from each other. In women, the transition areas of the facial contours are softer, and the nasal hum and eyebrow arches are less prominent. In men, facial contours look sharper and more prominent. Their forehead, nose and chin ratio differs from that of women. In women, the tooth corners are softer, and the two teeth in the middle are longer than the ones at the sides. There are also small gaps between the corners of the neighboring teeth. In addition, the smiling line exhibits an upward curve. In men, the teeth lines are more prominent, and the neighboring teeth look flatter. In addition, the smiling line in men draws a slighter curve than that in women. Thanks to the smile design procedure, you can also get more healthy teeth in every respect.

    Smile Design Frequently Asked Questions

    Smile expressions are generally divided into three. The first is sexy smile, the second is sophisticated smile, and the third is sporty smile. For a sexy smile, the central incisors (anterior teeth) should be noticeably longer than the rest of the teeth on the sides. Design your anterior teeth in this way gives you a young, dynamic and attractive smile. For a sophisticated smile, teeth aligned on a straight line (i.e. all have the same length) are needed. This smile gives a mature and wise expression to your face. For a sporty smile, your central incisors are required to be slightly longer than the rest of the incisor teeth on the sides. This smile will give you a sincere, extraordinary, and warm expression.

    Smile design is intended to eliminate tooth discolorations, misalignment or inappropriate position of one or more teeth, gaps caused by missing teeth, disproportion of the amount of apparent teeth and gums, ensure the gums to be aligned as required, and prevent discordant tooth lengths in the gums, and aged appearance caused by collapses on the face and lips due to missing teeth. Because all these problems will cause degradation of the patient’s aesthetic appearance, they are aimed to be eliminated with a smile design.

    The smile design is determined based on the position and condition of the teeth. The procedure involves treatments intended to lengthen or shorten the teeth, correct tooth shapes, make the teeth thinner or thicker depending on their position, eliminate gum gaps, flatten the surface layer of the teeth, i.e. corner design including the squaring, pointing, rounding and filing processes.

    The factors that influence a person-specific smile design when determining it include age, gender, lips, facial contours, skin color, tooth alignment and gums.

    First the treatment to be performed is determined by considering the current dental condition and the oral health, and then the number of sessions will be determined accordingly. The treatment procedure can be concluded in a few weeks but may also take several months.