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Gastric Sleeve


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    Gastric Sleeve

    Gastric sleeve surgery is the surgical technique of removing a large part of the stomach and giving it a tubular shape. The shape of all organs in the digestive system is tubular. Since it is a nutrition and food area, the shape of the stomach is similar to a sac and its volume can increase. It is formed into a tube as the continuation of the esophagus and the intestinal connection. No foreign body is placed in the stomach during this surgery. It is suitable for people with morbid obesity problems and those who cannot lose weight with diet. It is not applied to patients with severe stomach reflux complaints and uncontrollable diabetes. After the surgeons make the necessary interventions, who is suitable for the operation or not, they decide to have sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

    Tube Stomach Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

    In general, the duration of the operation varies between 40-90 minutes. The duration of the operation may vary according to the experience of the surgeon and the stomach anatomy of the patient.

    The most commonly used technique among gastric reduction surgery methods is laparoscopic gastric reduction surgery. It is preferred because it is more comfortable for the patient during the recovery period and is an easy technique for surgeons.

    After the surgery, the weight loss process is determined periodically. It is aimed to lose 10-20 kilos in the first month of the operation and 30-40 kilos in the third month. Nutrition and exercise program are also effective in achieving goals.