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Sapphire Method


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    Sapphire Method

    It was named after the special knives used in the openning channel phase. These blades are made entirely of sapphire.

    The advantages of using Sapphire Blade in hair transplant include the fact that it does not lose its sharpness, it consists of a crystal tissue with a hard, durable and smooth surface, it is antibacterial and does not impair blood circulation. In the channels opened with sapphire tip, the tissue does not deteriorate. This ensures better attachment of hair follicles to new locations. The recovery time after operation is directly proportional to the micro level of the channels opened with sapphire tip blades.

    The risk of infection is also prevented with these blades.

    Recently, the FUE Technique, ‘Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant’ has been called because of these knives used during the process.

    Sapphire Method Frequently Asked Questions

    The main difference between the Sapphire Fue and the classic Fue is the structure of the blades used. Sapphire is a highly valuable crystal and does not lose its sharpness. A successful operation in hair transplant is related to the channels opened. Sapphire blade tips varying from 1.0 to 1.3-1.5 mm, open more, closer and smaller channels. This shortens the recovery time and allows natural appearance.

    After an interview with our specialist and experienced doctors, the examination begins. After detailed hair and scalp controls are provided, the type of hair loss is determined. The patient’s expectations and needs are discussed. Hair transplant planning is started.

    On the day of operation, the person’s hair is shortened to 3mm. The donor area is anesthetized and grafts are collected with micro-motors. After local anesthesia is applied to the area to be transplanted, channels are opened with sapphire blades. Hair follicles are placed in these channels. The medical dressing is done to the donor area. This area is covered and Sapphire FUE operation is completed.