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    Gynecomastia is called breast enlargement in men. This is actually a very common situation. Causes of breast enlargement; hormonal problems, puberty, thyroid diseases, liver disorders, old age, excessive alcohol use and some drugs used. There is no difference between male breast tissue and female breast. It contains milk-synthesizing glands, ducts and adipose tissue. Gynecomastia, that is, breast enlargement seen in men, occurs in different ways. It manifests itself only in relation to the increase of breast tissue, only in relation to the increase of adipose tissue, or in relation to the increase of both breast and adipose tissue. Breast enlargement occurs in most gynecomastia patients for no reason. Breast enlargement has no harm in terms of health. There is a social and psychological condition that occurs only in men. Especially if the person is in adolescence, this problem will cause even bigger problems for him. For this reason, immediate intervention should be made and the psychology of the person should be taken under control.

    Gynecomastia Frequently Asked Questions

    If this situation does not occur due to any disease and you are not in adolescence, a surgical intervention will be necessary. Gynecomastia generally causes aesthetic discomfort and psychological problems. For this reason, if the patient is not in a position to have this surgery, it is recommended to use gynecomastia athletes. Gynecomastia athletes hide the excess in your breast just like the corsets used by women.

    Although there is no specific age limit for gynecomastia surgeries, we recommend that the patient wait first if he is in adolescence. Because it has been observed that breast growth seen in adolescence passes spontaneously after this period. After the adolescence period is over, this surgery can be easily performed. First of all, the person should have the necessary analyzes and then gynecomastia should be done without losing time. In this way, breast enlargement will be prevented before psychological problems occur.

    If the reason for breast enlargement is the increase in fat in the area, this problem can be solved with liposuction. Since the liposuction procedure is performed by opening small holes, there will be no surgical scar. However, if the reason for breast enlargement is due to the growth of glandular tissue in the breasts, the excess tissue should be removed with an incision made under the nipple. In this region, the traces will not attract attention and will fade over time, as the dark colored part will be opened under it.

    Gynecomastia, that is, breast reduction surgery, is performed together with sedation anesthesia or general anesthesia. After the surgery, which is mostly performed with sedation anesthesia, the patient can go home the same day. The duration of gynecomastia surgeries varies between half an hour and an hour, depending on the size of the breast and the method used. After the surgery, you will not feel any pain with the help of anesthetics given under the tissues. But after a day or two, you may feel mild pain. This is an extremely normal situation. Generally, it is recommended by doctors to wear a corset for a month after gynecomastia surgery. The reason for this is that the breast tissue adheres to its new place better and that area is tightened.

    In order for the result of breast reduction surgery in men to be permanent, weight gain must be maintained. If no weight gain is seen, there will be no regrowth since the fat tissues will be completely removed from this area. In short, you will be completely free from breast enlargement after gynecomastia surgery.