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    Brow Lift Aesthetics

    Eyebrow lift is surgical procedure that changes general facial expression. It is performed on eyebrows that make the individual look tired. Thanks to this operation, the eyebrows revealing the beauty of the face and eyes will look rested, young, fresh, bright and clear. Vertical and horizontal lines that develop on our forehead get deeper over time, making us look older than we are. These lines are also known as facial expression lines. They reveal our age and also make us look tired. It is known that sagging of our eyebrows is also likely to be experienced due to diseases, besides the familiar conditions. The primary ones of such diseases are tumors, facial paralyses and postoperative conditions. Surely, our eyebrows have the most important position in terms of our facial appearance. It is because our eyebrows feature our glances and facial expressions, giving meaning to our face. In brow lift, your eyebrows should be determined in accordance with your face shape, and then the operation should be done accordingly. Brow lift is a surgical procedure performed by freeing the tissues accessed through a small incision made in your scalp, and then suspending them upward. Since the operation is done through the scalp, scars will not be visible when looked at from outside. You will feel no serious pain after surgery, and will be able to return to your daily life immediately.

    Eyebrow Lift Aesthetics Frequently Asked Questions

    The person who is a candidate for brow lift is first evaluated. The position of the eyebrows and whether or not the patient has wrinkles are considered. This process is followed by the planning process of the operation. The eyebrows positioned differently in women and men are planned to be above the supraorbital rim in women, and lie along the supraorbital rim in men.

    Brow lift should be preferred for eliminating wrinkles on your forehead, droopy brows, and frowned eyebrows, as well as for changing the expression created by the eyelids. If the person complains about these conditions or if the expression of his/her eyebrows have changed due to a previous disease, this surgical operation will be necessary.

    Brow lift surgery takes 20 to 60 minutes, depending on the procedure to be performed. Brow lift is can be performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia. After the procedure, the patient can easily go home and return to his/her work. Brow lift is a surgical procedure that gives very good results, whereby an eyebrow shape requested by the patient can be easily achieved.

    Brow lift procedures are surgical operations that can be performed very easily. After surgery, you can easily eat and stand up, and can be discharged the same day. After surgery, there will be an elastic bandage on your forehead, which will be removed the next day. Then you can easily take a bath and return to work.
    A certain period of time after surgery, you will have to come for postoperative controls. At these controls, adaptation of the eyebrow to its new position will be checked. After surgery, you will have to abstain from tiring your eyebrow too much and be careful when making gestures.

    By considering your aging process and the negative effects of gravity, you may expect to see some droop in your eyebrow after brow lift. However, this is a long-lasting procedure, and for this reason, its result will be long-lasting.