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Why You Should Have You Hair Transplant In Turkey?

Every year there are tens of thousands of people from all over the world, who come to Turkey for health tourism. This includes many operations such as all kinds of plastic surgeries, dental treatments and most importantly hair transplant. Hair transplant brings the most patients into the country, because it’s a rather quick treatment compared to others and the patients can continue healing in the comfort of their homes. Let’s get into details on how a patient can have brand new hair just with a weekend trip to Turkey.

Hair Transplant Packages In Turkey

Even though few things may vary, most of the clinics in Turkey offer package deals of two night’s accommodation, airport transfers and operation expenses. Some clinics may offer additional nights or flights as well. These packages make it is especially attractive to come to Turkey for a weekend, have the operation, rest and fly back home for a much more affordable price than having the operation in their home countries. Also, being able to fly to Turkey in approximately five hours from the farthest point of Europe is a great perk as the patients can go back to their lives or work right away. The main reasons Turkey became an attraction for health tourism are, the current drop of currency, the option to choose from many clinics and plastic surgeons, and of course the perk of visiting a new city and country.

Why Choose Momeste Clinic For Your Hair Transplant In Turkey?

With 14 years of experience, we prioritize our patients’ happiness above everything else. We offer exclusive deals time to time to make it even more attractive to fly to Turkey. Our representatives are just a phone call / text away since the first day you contact us to make these arrangements as smooth as possible. We keep track of our patients’ hair growth by asking for update photos to make sure to answer all their post operative questions and to see the smile on their faces as a result of our quality work.

If you have questions about coming to Turkey for hair transplant, get in touch with our representatives and we’ll help you through the way. Hope to see you soon at Momeste Clinic!