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Why Do Hair Transplants Fail?

No doctor or clinic can say, “100% of the transplanted hair grafts will survive” as sometimes, they might not. So patients can feel highly disappointed by the result of their operation as well as feel sorry for the time & money they invested into this procedure. Let’s see why some hair transplant operations fail and what can be done for recovery:

Hair Transplant Failures Because Of The Clinic

There are few reasons the failure can be related to what happens on the operation day. If the hair graft extraction isn’t done right and damages the roots of the follicles, the chances of succession is lowered. If the hair follicles wait too long after extraction, they dry out and the quality is reduced. So after the transplantation, they fall out quite quickly. The only thing that can be done to eliminate these probabilities is to carefully research the doctor & clinic. Ask for before & after photos of previous patients with similar hair loss problems as you have. Read the reviews of patients and make your decision if you’re fully convinced by the success of the doctor & clinic.

Hair Transplant Failures Due To Patient Neglect

If a patient decides to have hair transplant surgery, they have to carefully follow all the advice the doctor tells them. Aftercare is crucial for hair growth; therefore if a patient neglects their operated area, the results will be disappointing. The patient has to take all the medicine prescribed by the doctor and wash the operated area day by day according to the clinic’s guidelines.

What Can Be Done To Correct?

Failed hair transplants can be corrected with another operation. For this operation to take place, the patient should have enough hair grafts left in the donor area to provide for a second transplant without remaining bald. If you’re unhappy with your previous transplant, you can always contact Momeste Clinic for a revision. Our experts can evaluate your situation and tell if it’s possible to have another operation, before flying you all the way to Istanbul.

If you have other questions regarding revision transplants or hair transplants in general, please contact us from the numbers on our homepage. A representative will speak to you shortly. We’re looking forward to guide you on your hair transplant journey!