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When Can I Have Hair After A Hair Transplant?

You’ve probably talked to your hairdresser about the experience of hair loss. Also, the more severe the hair loss, the more likely it is that your hairdresser will probably suggest another hairstyle to make you look your best. Most of our patients emphasize their dissatisfaction with hairdressing experiences after hair loss. Fortunately, hair transplantation is also a solution to such problems.

After hair transplantation, you can return to your natural hairstyle after returning your hair. It’s just like your short hair before hair loss. We have also seen that hair transplant patients cannot wait to prepare their first hairstyle for long hairstyles.

So, one of the most common questions about hair transplant methods after hair is: When can I get a haircut after a hair transplant?

Let’s read and learn everything about hairstyles and hair transplants!

Just after hair transplantation

Suppose you only have a hair transplant. You will hear the word “hair transplant after care” a lot. That’s why you need to be very careful for a while and follow the next care instructions properly to get the best results. Therefore, before planning to have a hairstyle, you should know that even washing your hair should be done delicately.

Due to the time required for a complete transplant, your scalp needs special attention. After about 10 days, the follicles attached to the skin stabilize and seal themselves with the skin. It is best to wait a while for the scalp to be completely sealed and the scalp to be completely healed from scaling, wounds and redness.

You are expected to use your own shampoo in the first month to wash your hair and you should be gentle with your scalp. Also without a hair dryer, but only a towel with gentle movements after washing. If you want to know more about hair washing, read our article: How to wash your hair after hair transplant?

After a while, you will see that the hair you already have starts to grow before the hair transplant, and the natural growth rate of the hair will be faster than the transplanted hair. If you don’t like the look of your hair because of the difference in growth rate, you can cut short hair, but only for donor hair, not transplanted hair. It is also ideal to wait at least 3 weeks before each hairstyle.

Getting a hairstyle after a hair transplant

Your transplanted hair will start to grow after the second month, but it will be much thinner than the rest of your hair. After a short time, they fall for the last time. This condition is called Hair Shock, and like a child’s teeth, new hair is shed to make it thicker and thicker. New hair is immune to any type of hair loss and is completely permanent. After thick hair loss after hair loss, it is possible to have a hairstyle, but only for a while with scissors.

As we said before, this is very subtle at first. So if, after attaching and securing them, grabbing the hairstyle with a razor, it may damage the grafted hair because it doesn’t act like scissors. Scissors can shorten hair at a certain distance, while the razor should be close to the skin. So if you want to use a hair straightener for your hair after hair transplantation, it is better to wait for 6 months for a completely risk-free hairstyle to be done.

Can I dye my hair after a hair transplant?

This is another popular question that many patients ask for after a hair transplant. The answer is yes! Obviously, you need to use certain chemicals to color your hair, and it may damage your scalp in the first few weeks of hair transplantation. This is because after hair transplantation, the skin on your scalp becomes much more sensitive. However, coloring your hair may be appropriate after the first month, but it can be much more dangerous if you can wait 6 weeks.

As Momeste Clinic, we can understand how light you want to be after a hair transplant. We recommend that you wait at least 5-6 weeks before your new hairstyle. This way you will have thicker, thicker and healthier hair that you can cope with.