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What To Do In Istanbul When You Come For A Hair Transplant Operation?

Congrats! You’ve decided to come to Istanbul for a hair transplant operation: a life changing procedure! And if this is your first time in Istanbul, you would want to have a culture trip too. With thousands of years of history of many civilizations, Byzantine and Ottoman impressions, Istanbul sure have a lot to offer to a tourist. If you’re here for a few days before the operation date, you can visit monumental sites in both European and Asian side of the city. Let’s get into details!


When you open up the city map, you’ll see a peninsula on the southwest corner of Istanbul. It is named as The Historical Peninsula, because it as the city center for many centuries for both Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Here, most of the historical places are within walking distance: Sultanahmet Mosque, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Grand Bazaar and Topkapı Palace are the major tourist attractions on this side. If you only have one day for sightseeing activities, we recommend travelling to this area will give you enough to soak up that Istanbul air.


If you’ll ask anyone the most famous towers in the city; you’ll get two answers: Galata Tower and Madien’s Tower. Galata Tower is located in Galata district; in between Taksim and Karaköy. This district was home to non-Muslim population of Istanbul; Jews, Greeks and Armenians. While you’re at the neighborhood you can get a glimpse of late 1800s European architecture as well.

Maiden’s Tower is relatively older and shorter; has a bit of a mystic legend behind the name. And it’s located on Bosporus… in the middle of the sea! You can jump on the small boats from Üsküdar to take you there in a few minutes, dine in the restaurant and come back to mainland easily.

The last one we’ll recommend doesn’t have much history; in fact it just opened for visitors a year ago. The 39th floor of Çamlıca Tower is one of the highest points you can see the city from as it gives spectacular views. You can make reservations for lunch as well.


If you’d like to see a more modern Ottoman Palace, Dolmabahçe is the place to visit! Located on the Euorpean side, Dolmabahçe Palace offers neo-classical, baroque and rococo impressions in its architecture. It was the home of Ottoman sultans for less than a hundred years, but it’s sure fascinating.

If you’ll be in Istanbul prior to your hair transplant operation two days will be enough to visit these neighborhoods and historical buildings. Of course, Istanbul has much more to offer with its cuisine, nightlife, museums and architecture. This trip might get you to book another ticket to Istanbul because we guarantee it won’t be enough at all!