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Tıps For Healthy Haır Growth After Haır Transplant

Hair transplant is one of the most life-changing procedures one can have in their life, since it’s directly visible at the very first glance. There are a few things you can do after the procedure to make sure the transplanted area will be taken care of and both your existing hair and upcoming grafts are nourished. Momeste Clinic is here to give you the tips on how to achieve that fuller look after hair transplant.

Protecting The Area Is Key

After all, hair transplant is an exterior operation, in which protecting the transplanted area is very important. We advise our patients to be extra cautious with daily tasks like getting dressed, taking a shower, taking the stairs etc. The area heals much quicker if nothing touches there for the first few days.

The area should not only be protected from contact, but also from direct sunlight and heat. We don’t want the area to be stressed and sweat, which may harm the newly transplanted grafts, therefore staying inside in hot weathers and not going into sauna are some of the other precautions patients can take.

PRP Injections For Nourishment

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) technology has been used for many medical conditions for years. It is basically separating the platelet rich parts of your blood, and injecting it to the area that needs more blood circulation. In the case of hair transplant, PRP injections are done on your scalp; focusing on the transplanted area and moving toward the rest of your hair. With this procedure it is possible to get more blood flowing on so your hair grafts (both existing and newly transplanted) can be nourished. After your transplant, the clinic may recommend a few sessions of these injections, depending on your blood circulation.

Additional Supplements For Hair Growth

Vitamins are generally good for your health, so why wouldn’t they help with healthy hair growth as well? Vitamins and serums including Biotin can be great additions to your hair care routine. You can find Biotin in pills, shampoos and lotions created for healthy hair growth. We recommend using less chemical and more natural products for the best results.

You can always contact Momeste Clinic for additional questions about hair transplant operations and post operative care. We’ll be more than happy to help you on this journey!