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Make Sure You Have The Best Hairline In 3 Steps

When you begin searching for hair transplant methods, clinics and doctors, it is crucial to see some of their previous work, especially regarding the hairline. As there are various ways a hairline can be formed, read through our 3 steps to make sure you have the best hairline after hair transplant operation.

Always Have A Reference

The most natural hairline will always be the one you had when you were born with: the original hairline. It would be a great reference for you and the people who will operate you to see the previous condition of your hair. So if you have, bring some photos or videos with you for your consultation at the clinic, before the operation starts. Therefore you can guide the operation crew for the most natural hairline.

Consider Your Metrics

As you make more research on hair transplant, you will come across with many hairlines that you may like and suit yourself. However, your metrics play a great part on choosing the hairline. Your age, facial anatomy and hair type are the most important things to consider. For example, you may like a crisp, defined hairline that starts at the lowest point of your forehead, but if you have curly hair and a narrow face, it will look much different than you imagine. We recommend telling your preferences to the doctor, but also trust him with his artistic and aesthetic opinion as well. After all, you wouldn’t want an abnormal look at the end.

While drawing the hairline, the doctor also considers the face muscles on your forehead; as the hair cannot be transplanted on muscles. So they may ask to raise eyebrows and make some facial expressions to measure the correct distance your hairline should be.

The Reason Behind Zigzags

As you discuss potential hairlines, you may come across your doctor drawing the hairline not so straight. They purposely draw it with zigzags to outline the inwards and outwards parts of the hairline, because naturally, no hairline is straight. While drawing, the doctor will also plan the direction of hair grafts that will be transplanted. Generally the hair grafts grow to different angles to frame the face. In order to give the patient the best results, the doctor plans this ahead of the operation.

At Momeste Clinic, the operation only starts after you are fully on board with the amount of hair grafts that will be transplanted and your hairline. If you have more questions, you can always chat with a representative through the numbers on our home page. See you soon at Momeste Clinic!