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How To Take Care Of Your Body After Haır Transplant?

Congratulations! After all that research and travel arrangements, you finally came to Turkey and had your hair transplant operation. Now, you are wondering how to take care of yourself and ensure you will have the best results possible. Don’t worry; Momeste Clinic is here to guide you through the necessary aftercare routines to smooth your postoperative experience.

The First Few Days After Hair Transplant

We know it’s not easy to sleep on your back and being extra delicate. Not being able to touch the transplanted area can be hard, but it’s all for protecting the time and work that both you and the hair transplant team has invested in this operation.

Your clinic will give you the washing instructions for the operated area. Please be cautious with the instructions and update your clinic after every wash. It is expected for your head to swell a little, however this will go away in a few days. In order to minimize the swelling, we advise our patients to rest as much as possible, lying down. If that is not possible, at least try to keep your head straight and do not look down to read, text or watch something. Bring all those devices to your eye level, instead of looking down. This will help you to swell less.

Even though it’s a procedure you can walk out of in a few hours, it’s still a medical operation, so you need to take the medications as told by your clinic. Again, you had an operation, let your body heal.

Diet & Alcohol Consumption

Although there are no dietary restrictions after hair transplant, we always recommend a healthy and balanced diet. We advise not to smoke and consume alcohol for the first few days until you finish taking your medications.

Upcoming Weeks

This is the time you are slowly going back to your daily routines. Light workouts and jogs are allowed; you can go back to work and rejoin your social life. By this time, your donor area will be completely healed, and your transplanted area will show signs of growth. You will see real hair growth after 6 months, so be patient. Click here to head over to our blog post on how to take care of the transplanted area and get the best tips for nourishing both your existing and new hair.