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Hair Transplant Graft Calculator

Momeste Clinic is proud to announce the transplant device for hair transplant candidates.

Momeste Clinic receives dozens of hair transplants from around the world every day. Hair transplant candidates are generally knowledgeable and have ideas about this method. They usually ask a friend, or consult a specialist in their country, or often guide them easily with Google.

The most common question our candidates ask is, “How many grafts or hairs do I need to have on my back and welding?”

How many grafts do you need?

To answer this question, we want to examine the images of the patient’s head and then see if the doctors have concluded. This is definitely the best way to go.

But before this stage, patients may want to misinterpret the need to estimate the number of transplants and hair needed for implantation so that they can implant wrinkles and backs.

To this end, Momeste Clinic has created a transplant calculator and is proud to introduce it to all hair transplant candidates.

You simply choose areas of your scalp that you think are pimples. Then, please simply move the bar below and decide the expected density based on the apparent density of your natural hair. Here are the transplants and hair grafts required for transplantation. Please don’t forget your age.

Important reminder

The graft calculator gives you a good idea. This is because the number of transplants varies from person to person because each person’s hair type and size are different. To achieve a detailed idea, a hair transplant surgeon needs to assess your condition. For this reason, please complete our contact form to receive an expert opinion.