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Haır Transplant For Women at Momeste Clınıc

Haır Transplant For Women at Momeste Clınıc

We know hair transplant is a rather male oriented industry, however there are many women around the world who also suffer from hair loss. Momeste Clinic offers hair transplant operations for women as well, making sure they will also get the best treatment with the newest technology and have healthy, glowing hair all around their head. Let’s see how hair transplant procedures happen for women, step by step.

Who Is Eligible For Hair Transplant?

Before starting with operational steps, let’s make clear who can have hair transplant. Women with alopecia, anemia, lupus or chemical burns can have this procedure successfully, although as Momeste Clinic, we may have to ask additional questions and photos to make sure you can have the operation before coming from a long way. Also, some women have bald or fair patches on their scalp, which are also eligible for hair transplant. This may be a genetic situation or hormonal effects of pregnancy and childbirth or sometimes hair loss is caused by a stressful lifestyle.

Shaving Before Hair Transplant: Yes or No

A female hair transplant patient does not have to shorten her hair before operation. In most cases, shaving won’t be required. This matter and the operation method will depend on where the bald patches are or where the patient wants more density. After careful consideration, the correct operation method will be chosen among FUE, DHI and Sapphire FUE. The hair grafts will be taken from the back of the head. The perk of having long hair comes in this stage: The hair growing downward will cover up the little shaven area (where the grafts are extracted) so the postoperative look will not disturb the patient, as the donor area heals. All possibilities of shortening or shaving the hair will be discussed before, so the patients come to Momeste Clinic with expecting what is to come.

Post Operative Care For Women

As mentioned before, covering the donor area is a lot easier for women who go through hair transplant if they use their hair long. For the operated area, the care instructions are same for either of the methods used; it is key to protect the area from excess heat and contact. Before a final decision to have hair transplant, you can always give us a call for consultation to check every box you may have in your mind. If you’d like to look at a few of before & after photos from previous patients, give us a follow on Instagram @momesteclinic so you can see the successful hair transplants yourself!


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We do hair transplantation using scientific methods in hair transplantation. We provide 100% naturalness in hair transplantation. We are aware of our responsibilities in hair transplantation and we perform hair transplantation in a sterile environment by our experienced, plastic surgery specialist and professional team.