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Hair Transplant Costs in 2022

Hair transplantation costs depend on many variables: A total cost is calculated, starting from doctor’s fees and clinic expenses, to every small material used in the operation. Most clinics may include additional treatments or offer other services to try to negotiate a deal and make it affordable and affordable for patients. Since this is often a once-in-a-lifetime transaction, finding the best services is essential, even if more money does not equal better quality.

Hair Transplantation Operation Costs in Turkey

Turkey has become more and more popular in health tourism for various procedures: Hair transplantation is at the top of this list. This popularity has led to the emergence of thousands of clinics in every corner in big cities, especially in Istanbul.

Of course, competition made it difficult for every clinic. However, as we said before, the practice is not standardized in every clinic; Therefore, hair transplant prices in Turkey have a wide range. Some clinics include a larger treatment program, while others; just operation. It would not be wrong to say that the prices start from 1000 Euros and go up to 3000 Euros. Let’s take a look at what Momeste has to offer.

Momeste Clinic keeps its prices fair compared to the competition. When a patient says “yes” to the operation at Momeste Clinic, accommodation and airport transfers are already included in the fee paid to the clinic. A free city tour will also be made by one of our representatives so that the patient can relax in advance and experience the convenience of the surgery. Of course, we recommend that such touristic activities be done before the operation, because after it you will need to rest.

The cost of hair transplantation also depends on the methods to be used for that patient. For example; FUE, Safir Perkutan FUE and DHI have different vehicles, if there is an operation within two days, prices will also vary. PRP treatments and additional supplements may be recommended, but again this is entirely dependent on each patient’s situation.

Finally, we can say that although the prices may vary depending on these conditions, Momeste Clinic does its best to give its patients the most suitable offers. Do not hesitate to contact us for a more accurate and personalized offer. Hope to see you soon at Momeste Clinic in Istanbul!