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Fue Vs Dhı Haır Transplant

Once patients begin their research about hair transplant operations, it’s very likely that they’ll come up with FUE and DHI comparisons. As Momeste Clinic, we’re happy to operate with both techniques as long as the patient fits into the criteria to have that certain operation. Let’s demystify what each of these techniques mean.

Both of these methods matter on the second part of the operation: Hair graft transplantation.. Even though it happens later in the day, the choice of FUE vs DHI is made prior to all applications.

How Is FUE Performed?

FUE stands for follicular unit extraction, which means the grafts are both collected individually and transplanted individually. The hair transplant expert uses a tool to open up channels (holes) on the area where transplant is needed. Then, one by one, the grafts are transplanted into those holes. So an FUE operation can be performed in 3 stages: Extraction, Channel Opening and Transplantation. This is the most common practice in hair transplant as FUE makes it possible to transplant the largest number of hair grafts. With FUE, the patients have to shorten their hair. This is to ensure the hair experts see the area clearly and transplant hair grafts to create an equal density in all of the area.

How Is DHI Performed?

DHI stands for direct hair transplantation. As mentioned before, the grafts are collected in the same way. However in DHI, they are transplanted with a choi pen – a special tool that opens up the channels at the moment of transplantation. So each graft takes more time compared to FUE. In this case, shaving the hair may not be necessary. This is why most patients prefer to have DHI hair transplants yet it’s not possible for everyone. Hair grafts can only stay alive outside the body for a limited time, therefore only a certain amount of hair grafts can be transplanted with DHI. If the patient only needs more density on their frontal line and the number is not that high, DHI can be applied. So it won’t be possible to have a DHI hair transplant if the patient needs it on the crown area or a large coverage.

How To Determine Which Method Is Better?

This is up to the hair expert to suggest which method can give a fuller look that makes the patient happy. Patients can of course ask for both methods, but it’s a hair expert’s duty to guide the patient towards the best choice. At Momeste Clinic, we go through every option with our patients before they make a final decision. If you’re also into hair transplant but unsure of the methods mentioned above, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to answer your questions at all times!