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Are You Eligible For Tdf Hair Transplant?

As you make more research to have hair transplant operation, you may come across to TDF method. TDF is the shortened form of Two Days FUE, which is a very standard method used in hair transplant, dived into two consecutive sessions. Let’s see if you can have this operation. More importantly, is TDF the best solution for your hair loss problem?

How does TDF work?

If you don’t know what FUE procedure is, click here for a detailed explanation and come back to this page for TDF. Basically in FUE, the hair grafts are collected from the donor area (the back of the head, behind two ears) first. Then the canals are opened on the empty parts of the scalp, towards the front / crown. At last, the hair grafts are transplanted back on the head. With TDF, this procedure is repeated on the next day.

The reason why some patients need TDF method is, they have a bigger opening on their head than others and their need of hair grafts are more than what can be transplanted in one day. If the donor area supplies for two consecutive hair transplants, this method is used as the patient can have all of his hair transplanted in one go.

How to know if you are eligible for TDF?

Only your clinic & doctor can decide if the area that needs transplant cannot be covered in one session but your donor area can supply for two sessions. During your consultation with Momeste Clinic, we judge your hair from the photos and videos you send us, in order to give you an answer before you come to Istanbul for hair transplant operation. Sometimes, the donor area might not supply for 2 consecutive operations even though you need a large amount of hair grafts to have a great result. In this case, 2 different sessions (approximately 6 months to 1 year apart) are recommended for your donor area to heal and supply enough amounts of grafts again.

No matter which method suits you, Momeste Clinic will be here to support you throughout your hair transplant journey. Please contact us from the numbers at our home page and a representative will answer your questions shortly. We hope to see you soon at our clinic!