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Afro Haır Transplant

Each year, hair transplant becomes more & more popular and the clinics in Turkey get more patients from different ethnic backgrounds. This allows Turkish hair transplant experts to learn & train to operate on all hair types in order to give a more inclusive service for patients. Hair transplant operations mostly vary on hair types which are related to the patients’ ethnicity. As Momeste Clinic, we continue to learn & gain experience. This includes Afro hair too.

Is It Possible To Transplant Afro Hair?

The answer is a big YES! We’re happy to say it’s possible to operate on afro hair. Although the extraction process can be a bit more difficult, hair transplant of Afro hair is definitely possible. As the nature of these hair grafts are much curlier and sometimes lengthier than Caucasian hair, it takes more time & effort to remove them without causing damage. The results will be rewarding this phase as naturally, Afro hair grafts are curly and they get tangled a lot more. This will help cover the marks of the operation, leaving the patients with a natural hair re-growth.

Hair Transplant On Women With Afro Hair

Female patients with African backgrounds usually search for hair transplant solutions for their hair loss on the front line. The hair on the front line weakens because of using too many chemical products, hair straighteners and pulling the hair into tight braids. It is possible to transplant hair to these patients anyway. If the patients have other reasons / diseases that caused hair loss, we can offer the best treatment methods during the consultation period.

Afro Hair Transplant Costs In Turkey

Turkey has been leading in the number of treated patients in this hair transplant for a very long time. There are many clinics that offer hair transplant solutions to patients’ problems. Hair transplant is relatively cheaper in Turkey than most places in Europe & America. As Afro hair requires more work and a more experienced team, the prices may be a little higher than other hair transplant procedures. As Momeste Clinic, we include accommodation & airport transfers in their prices and offer complete packages for our patients. Therefore, all our patients have to do is book their flights and the rest will be taken care of by our team.