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5 Things That Will Make You An İdeal Candidate For A Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is becoming more common every year, and as long as it is done by a suitable hair surgeon or hair loss surgeon, this treatment method has evolved with an easy method and complete results.

However, like all treatments, hair transplants can vary from person to person. Therefore, we will see what important factors determine the success of a hair transplant and how many of them describe your condition before starting a free consultation with Momeste Clinic with a hair transplant operation in Turkey.

  1. Types of hair loss

Hair loss is directly related to hair transplantation in Turkey. In fact, the method of hair loss tells you how to repair it. Some types of hair loss can be related to the season, a stressful period in your life, hormonal changes, certain medications, diet, and so on.

There is a good chance that you will regain your lost hair after the cause of the disappearance. Therefore, this type of hair loss is probably temporary and you should consider the duration of treatment for hair loss. Then, you can decide if you need a hair transplant.

So, first of all, do not be afraid, but try to understand the cause and duration of hair loss experience.

  1. Proper preparation in the donor area

Basically, hair transplantation is a way to replace it. If there is not enough donor area, no hair transplant surgeon can get good results. So, all the best hair transplant surgeons say they can only work with what you already have.

So, what makes a good donor area? The donor area is the area behind you. A good donor area should have enough hair follicles to redistribute. In male pattern baldness, this area is no longer vulnerable to hair loss.

The bald or thinning area is where the recipient is located, where the hair follicles have been replaced. Without a sufficient number of hair follicles, the recipient’s hair area does not receive enough for transplantation. But if you are planning a hair transplant, it is very important to have a professional opinion about your donor.

To find out if your donor area is suitable for hair transplantation, you can contact us, send us photos of your scalp and get a free consultation at any time.

  1. The flexibility of your scalp

We mean to cover your scalp. Some people have very firm skin there and others have elastic skin. The rule of thumb is this: the more flexible your scalp, the better the hair transplant.

The reason for this rule is quite logical. The strength of the scalp prevents the hair follicles from opening completely due to the full resistance of the canals. In addition, only thin hair can be transplanted, which can lead to poor hair growth.

4- Expectations based on reality

Hair transplantation is a very competitive business field. Many promises can be fulfilled but not fulfilled. You should know that hair transplantation is not a way to grow hair from anywhere, but pull the hair you already have and put it in places without it.

  1. Choose the right treatment

Since Istanbul has become one of the hair transplant centers in Turkey, you will see many clinics and providers around with a large number of different offers and promises. While planning for treatment abroad is a big decision, choosing a hair transplant or hair loss treatment is a bigger decision.

So, how to choose the best hair transplant in Turkey?

As the first medical travel company approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health, Momeste Clinic recommends that you seek government approvals such as accreditation and membership such as TURSAB (Turkish Travel Agency Association).

It is also advisable to get enough information about the doctor, read the company’s initial reviews and pay attention to the results of pimples or thinning hair and their accuracy before and after the pictures. Before starting this amazing journey, it is recommended that you receive all the necessary instructions and before the necessary care in hair transplant surgery and review the 5 important points that you should consider before hair transplantation in Istanbul, Turkey.