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4 Tıps To Prevent Haır Loss

Hair loss has been a problem for a very long while mankind has created both chemical and plant based formulas to prevent it for ages. If hair loss is in the genetics, it might happen despite all the efforts. However, there is always an opportunity to take better care of our hair, not only to prevent hair loss, but also to increase its health. Today we’ll give you 4 hair care tips to make sure your hair will remain in its best condition.

#1 You Need To Avoid Excess Heat

This one’s generally for people who use their hair longer but it’s good to know in any case. Excess heat that’s applied with hair dryers, straighteners, curling irons damage the hair more than you can imagine. Even if you’re used to styling your hair with these items, make sure you use them on a low setting and give your hair a break, occasionally.

#2 Do Not Wash Your Hair Every Day

We know it feels “clean” when you wash your hair in your daily showers but it actually takes a lot away from your hair. Your scalp produces oils that are healthy and necessary for your hair growth. When you wash your hair every day, you take away this chance. We recommend washing your hair 2-3 times per week.

#3 You Need To Use Appropriate Products

Another reason for hair damage and hair loss is not acknowledging the hair type and using the right products. Finding the right products is easier today than it was a decade ago. There are many options in the market for each hair colour, hair type and even for specific problems like dryness or dandruff.

#4 Be Gentle With Your Hair

We often treat our hair too harshly: Brush too hard, use excessive products or keep it tight in buns or ponytails. This causes stress on each hair strand and weakens it. Therefore, even if you have to “tidy up” your hair during the day, remember to let it down in the evenings and even give your scalp a massage to take the stress away.

There you have it! Even if you already had a hair transplant operation due to hair loss, it is still important to take care of what you have from now on. If you’d like to know more information about hair loss solutions or product recommendations, we’ll be happy to answer your questions.